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UF-Si: Reed Harris predicts a 'big success' for UFC debut in Mexico (Video)

"I've never seen such avid sports fans. The Mexican people love their sports and they're now aware of the UFC and they're watching it down there. I think it's gonna be a big success when we go down there, I do. It's something we've been working on for years. There is a huge market there and I think it's more of a logistics thing. How to do the event, how to get the equipment down there and where to do it, whether it's Mexico City or some of the other places that are available down there."

UFC Vice President of Community Relations, Reed Harris, talks to Mexico Today about the promotion's eventual debut south of the border once the "logistics thing" is worked out. Of course no talk about UFC in Mexico would be complete without heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez, who could be a major draw in the promotion's push towards a the Mexican demographic.

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