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Movie of UFC champion Jose Aldo’s life story headed to the big screen

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"The Hammer," the major motion picture that tells the life story of former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight Matt Hamill, is set to open this weekend at select theatres. The movie depicts the life of the Utica, N.Y., native and how he has faced challenges as a deaf athlete from his childhood in Loveland, Ohio, to the Octagon.

Now, another UFC fighter will have a movie made about his trials and tribulations on his road to mixed martial arts (MMA) stardom, as it has been revealed that featherweight champion Jose Aldo will be the focus of a new movie set to come out in 2012.

According to, "Vale Tudo" -- the title for the proposed project -- is still being written, meaning the details such as cast and set locations are still being considered. Though information about the movie is sketchy at this point, the man selected to portray the UFC featherweight champion has been confirmed.

Brazilian actor Malvino Salvador will portray Aldo in what the actor says is a similar story to the one he experienced:

"There're two motivations for this movie. Aldo born in the same city I did, so we're in the same tune. Second, he left Manaus to another state, went through many things like I did, built a career and today is one of the best fighters in the world."

Aldo, who most recently defended his 145-pound title with a unanimous decision win over Kenny Florian at UFC 136, also chimed in on the actor selected to portray him:

"He's my twin brother. He's just like me, but I'm more handsome."

The movie's director, Afonso Poyart, gave a little insight on the movies basis:

"His story has all components for a good film, a fiction filled with the elements we need, like romance, fights... It's an adventure".

With movies such as "Warrior" and "The Hammer" being released this year, MMA is reaching new levels of mainstream media that many would have never thought possible just a few years ago. "Vale Tudo" is yet another project aimed to help the sport, as well as its most provocative personal stories, reach the masses.

No word yet on whether the film will have an international release.

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