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UFC Undisputed 3 downloadable content to feature roster additions for 2012 release

Photo via <a href="">THQ</a>
Photo via THQ

Why isn't Matt Mitrione on the UFC Undisputed 3 roster?

Well, just like the sport it's modeled after, sometimes you need to make tough cuts in the virtual world of mixed martial arts, which is why in addition to "Meathead," you also won't find Anthony Johnson, Stephan Bonnar, Joe Lauzon or Rory MacDonald.

At least, not yet.

Because THQ must plan far in advance which fighters it will actually include in the upcoming video game, the 2010 fight campaign weighed heavily when trying to figure out who should stay and who should go.

The good news is the digital publisher has already announced downloadable content (DLC) for UFC Undisputed 3, which is likely to introduce fighters who are new to the scene or have fought there way back into divisional relevancy.

Pasta Padre has more:

As has been noted throughout the roster reveal process there are several relevant fighters who for one reason or another didn’t make it for UFC Undisputed 3. Names like Nam Phan, Anthony "Rumble" Johnson, Matt Mitrione, Joe Lauzon, and a number of others are nowhere to be found. Through their Twitter account THQ has confirmed there will be post-launch DLC offered for UFC 3 and that some of the names mentioned will be included.

It’s possible the company could look to implement a DLC plan similar to that of their WWE franchise. There it involves paying an upfront sum (offering a savings) that would include all DLC to be released over the course of the product lifespan – or the ability to buy the DLC piece by piece for something like $1 each fighter.

UFC Undisputed 3 is set for release in "early 2012," and will bring two new weight classes as well as a "PRIDE mode" to allow players to compete in the now-defunct PRIDE FC organization.

But would you be willing to lay out a few extra bucks for DLC if it means getting to play as your favorite fighter?


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