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UFC 137 videos: BJ Penn is a real American, brother

"It broke my heart when Ultimate Warrior beat [Hulk Hogan]. Because I started to realize after awhile it was fake so I was just waiting for Hogan to get his leg drop, but Warrior rolled out and splashed him and it was over. I'd be embarrassed [to do an impression]. I know his song, though. 'I am a real American, fight for the rights of every man!'"

Hawaii rules! At UFC 137, B.J. Penn will fight for what's right and fight for his life. Against Nick Diaz of course, but when it comes crashing down and it hurts inside, he's gotta take a stand, it don't help to hide. Any self-loathing pro wrestling fans ready to come out of the closet now that "The Prodigy" has torn down these walls? Or will you continue to bury your head in the sand to hide the scarlet letter buried deep within your psyche? Whatcha gonna do?

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