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Behind the UFC 137 numbers: Complete statistical breakdown for Cheick Kongo vs Matt Mitrione fight


On Sat., Oct. 29, Cheick Kongo will look to derail the hype train of heavyweight up-and-comer and former NFL football player Matt Mitrione.

"Meathead" will, once again, be looking to quiet his critics and prove that he's more than just a defensive tackle who is looking for his 15 seconds of fame.

UFC 137 will be the event. The Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada will be the place where it all goes down.

Mitrione has taken the mixed martial arts (MMA) world by storm, going 5-0 since his stint on the 10th season of the Ultimate Fighter (TUF) reality television show in 2009.

Kongo looks to be Mitrione's biggest test thus far, and he should show fans and critics alike just how far he's actually come in the fight game., along with support from the fantastic number-crunching fellows at CompuStrike, will take you behind the numbers that make up this heavyweight clash in the extended entry below.

Ready to geek out? Let's do this:

An MMA fight involves a multitude of dimensions. It's not good enough anymore to be just a striker or just a submission specialist. You have to have it all.

The math wizards at CompuStrike were kind enough to share some of their data with us, in regard to which of these two heavyweights is the more well-rounded fighter.

Here we go.

Total Strikes:

Kongo - 50 of 84
Mitrione - 34 of 57


Kongo - 60%
Mitrione - 60%

Total Power Strikes Landed:

Kongo - 25
Mitrione - 22

Total Non-Power Strikes Landed:

Kongo - 25
Mitrione - 12

Nearly a dead heat. The data would appear to state that both are equally accurate, while Kongo is the busier of the two as far as volume of strikes thrown. 

That gives us some insight into the total striking picture. Let's be more specific and see who is the more lethal of the two with their punches and elbows.

Total Arm Strikes Landed:

Kongo - 13 of 31
Mitrione - 15 of 30

Percentage of Arm Strikes Landed:

Kongo - 42%
Mitrione - 50%

Power Strikes Landed:

Kongo - 8
Mitrione - 10

Non-Power Strikes Landed

Kongo - 5
Mitrione - 5

Again, this part of the race is too close to call. Mitrione looks to be more accurate with his arm strikes, but it isn't by much.

Kongo's background is in kickboxing. One would assume he'd hold the edge in the leg strike department. Does the data back up this assumption?  

Total Leg Strikes Landed:

Kongo - 17 of 21
Mitrione - 8 of 9

Percentage of Leg Strikes Landed:

Kongo - 81%
Mitrione - 89%

Power Leg Strikes Landed:

Kongo - 6
Mitrione - 4

Non-Power Leg Strikes Landed:

Kongo - 11
Mitrione - 4

Hate to sound like a broken record here, but this is yet another aspect where Kongo and Mitrione are nearly identical. Kongo does look to be a bit more accurate and slightly more active.

We'd love to see these guys throw hands and vicious leg kicks until somebody goes to sleep, but it doesn't always go that way. Often, the fighter who is enjoying the stand up game the least is the first to shoot in for the takedown.

If that happens, which heavyweight will it favor?

Ground Strikes Landed:

Kongo - 20 of 32
Mitrione - 11 of 18


Kongo - 63%
Mitrione - 61%

Power Ground Strikes Landed:

Kongo - 11
Mitrione - 8

Non-Power Ground Strikes Landed:

Kongo - 9
Mitrione - 3


Kongo - 2 of 5 for 40% 
Mitrione - 0 of 0 for 0%

Submission Attempts:

Kongo - 0
Mitrione - 5

Dominant Positions:

Kongo - 0
Mitrione - 2

Kongo has notched three of his victories by way of submission. Mitrione is yet to make an opponent tap out, but in his defense, he hasn't had to.

At the end of the day, they don't fight the fights on paper or on the internet. The only statistic that ultimately matters is who steps into the Octagon, takes care of business and gets his hand raised afterwards.

Are you Maniacs intrigued by this match up? Do the numbers make you feel any differently about who you thought would emerge victorious? 

Sound off!