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Nick Diaz: I can't beat BJ Penn unless I overcome my own personal faith in him (Video)

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"My biggest obstacle is overcoming my own personal faith in B.J. Penn. I don't look up to a lot of guys, but I looked up to B.J. Penn for a long time. He came from my school, he came from my academy, whether he says he does or doesn't. I actually had his first mixed martial arts fight on video -- I don't even know if he's ever seen it. I had it on a cassette tape and I used to watch it before anyone ever saw him fight in the UFC. We've trained together, too. So that's the difficult part about this fight. It's probably going to be a lot harder for me to fight this guy because, a guy like Georges St. Pierre is going to go out their and hold him, stall to win rounds, but I go out there and fight. I wouldn't have picked this fight if I had my choice, that's for sure."

At UFC 137 on Oct. 29 in Las Vegas, Nevada, former Strikeforce Welterweight Champion Nick Diaz will be asked to defeat former division titleholder B.J. Penn, a fighter he's looked up to since becoming a mixed martial artist. Can Diaz put his own personal faith aside and execute an effective gameplan on fight night? Or will his respect for "The Prodigy" rob him of his killer instinct and cost him the match?