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UFC Quick Quote: It's Vitor Belfort's turn to submit Chael Sonnen

Photo by Josh Hedges via Zuffa LLC/Getty Images
Photo by Josh Hedges via Zuffa LLC/Getty Images

"It would be interesting. Their games don’t match, and Vitor has more ways to win. Sonnen does not have the game to beat either Vitor or Anderson. He’s been submitted by three Brazilians: Paulo Filho caught him in an armbar, Demian Maia with a triangle choke and Anderson was the latest. Now, it’s Vitor’s time to knock out or submit Sonnen. It’s absurd to say Anderson is running away, especially after he submitted Sonnen with a broken rib. If this fight ends up happening, he will hurt Sonnen so badly. It’s up to [UFC President] Dana White to decide the date. If he announces it, Anderson will be there to fight."

Famed boxing coach Josuel Distak tells there's nothing extraordinary about Anderson Silva's submission victory over Chael Sonnen at UFC 117. In fact, Distak points out that Silva is one of three Brazilians (four if you count "Babalu" at UFC 55) to do it and Vitor Belfort could be the next in line, should the promotion decide these two are better suited for each other than "The Spider." While he insists the middleweight champion is not avoiding a Sonnen rematch, Silva's manager, Ed Soares, has gone out of his way to play matchmaker and even cited a future fight against MIchael Bisping as a "good opportunity." How about it Maniacs, does the idea of a Belfort vs. Sonnen fight sway your opinion? Or do you want to see him rematch Silva first?

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