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Coach prefers Georges St. Pierre cut to 155, not bulk up for middleweight superfight

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Fans still clinging to the notion of a Georges St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva superfight could have one "small" problem: St. Pierre might make a better lightweight than he would a middleweight.

That's according to the Canadian's head trainer, Firas Zahabi, who recently told Sherdog's "Beatdown" radio show (via Bloody Elbow) that he's in no "Rush" to send his star pupil into a 185-pound warzone when his body type is actually better suited for the 155-pound weight class.

"Well to be honest with you, I have recommended to Georges, you know...the only reason I don't recommend it now is because Frankie Edgar is the champion, but I'd want him to move down to 155 if Frankie was not the champion. Obviously we're part of the Renzo Gracie team and we'd never fight Frankie Edgar, because obviously we're all Renzo Gracie fighters. But if it wasn't the case, you know, I'd rather him go down to 155 because Georges is not a very big welterweight. People might think he is, he's actually not very big. And him making 170 is extremely easy for him. Honestly, it's probably one of the easiest weight cuts from all that I coach, and I coach a lot of professional fighters. Georges making 170 is getting a little too easy for him, so I'd recommend to him in the future, who knows what the cards hold, but if we don't have a team member that's champion or anything like that, I would recommend him to go down first before going up. Georges' body type, he's actually ectomorph, he's very lean. He doesn't put on a lot of muscle unless we make do a lot of lifting, and I do make him do a lot of lifting. That's one of the reasons why I wanted him to start doing Olympic lifting, and just a high volume of weightlifting is what will keep him muscular. Because Georges doesn't really put on fat and muscle very easily, and I really think he could lose a little bit of muscle. He doesn't have much fat on him, and a lot of water and a lot of electrolytes. Just doing the weight cut from like 175, he would make it down to 155 quite easily."

While the idea of St. Pierre dropping a weight class is an intriguing one, he's likely staying put for at least another year. Carlos Condit is next in line for a 170-pound title shot when GSP gets off the injured reserves and Nick Diaz may have dibs on the belt if he's able to defeat B.J. Penn at UFC 137 on Oct. 29.

Time will tell.

It's also unlikely that "Rush" would move down to lightweight while fellow Renzo Gracie pupil and reigning division champion Frankie Edgar is ruling the roost.

Aside from that, does anyone think St. Pierre could actually make the 155-pound weight limit? And if so, what kind of impact could he have in that division? Would he lose power? Or gain speed?

Plenty of fantasy match-ups if he ever headed south for the winter. How would he fair against Gray Maynard? Or B.J. Penn in "The Prodigy's" natural weight class?

Alright Maniacs, let's hear some feedback on this potential change in weight.

For it or against it?

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