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Lame cluck champion? Chael Sonnen pegs Anderson Silva as a 'chicken' for Halloween

"Apparently the Ed Soares excuse factory is open for business. A champion doesn't call somebody out. If you're the champion, you get called out. I think it's a little odd and unprecedented that Anderson Silva is now trying to pick a fight. He's doing the same thing I am, he's calling out Michael Bisping because it's an easy fight. Well, I want an easy fight too, which is why I'm calling him out, so I get it. A or B: Will Anderson Silva go as a duck for Halloween or will he dress as a chicken? I'm gonna go B, I think he goes as chicken, he already has the costume."

Cluck-U! UFC middleweight troublemaker Chael Sonnen stops by ESPN's MMA Live to talk ducks, chickens and Halloween costumes. The former (and perhaps current) division number one contender wants to know, will 185-pound champion Anderson Silva dress up on Oct. 31 as a duck, for ducking him, or as a chicken, for chickening out of a potential rematch? Any readers out there have a Halloween costume in mind for Sonnen? Let's hear your thoughts on "Silva vs. Sonnen II." Is it time to make this thing happen? Or do we have any Michael Bisping fans in the house ready to side with Ed Soares? Opinions, please.

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