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CageHero Kids Team introduced, new video and MMA clothing line released

A new SUPERHERO has emerged: Mixed martials arts-branded, CageHero.

This unique superhero brand started has re-released its brand as a whole: A new line, a new website ( and the release of there CageHero Kids Team. The team is a compilation of the world's best youth athletes.

The inaugural team features kid's from all over the United States; most notably the mohawked YouTube wrestling phenom, "Stevo," who took the world by storm with more than million Youtube hits earlier in the year. The nine-year-old New York state wrestling champion has over 250 win's in his career.

Stevo will be joined on the CageHero Kids Team by other phenoms such as:

  • Keegan -- Two-time NAGA Champion Expert Division/Vermont Wrestling State Champion 
  • Hale -- JIBJJ five-time Naga Champion 
  • Skylar- 2008/2009/2010 United States Breaking Association/World Breaking Association Junior Female Competitor of the Year
  • Tyler -- NorthEast Open/NAFMA Champion 

CageHero recently released a new commercial of its kids team in action, which features cameos from some familiar faces in MMA as well: Bellator Champion Ben Askren, UFC Standout Chris Weidman and ROC champ Al Iaquinta

To watch the CageHero Kids Team commercial right now click here.

The owners of CageHero traveled nationwide in search of finding these youth athletes that embodied the true meaning of CageHero: Desire. Dedication. Devotion. Teamwork. Passion. Inner-Strength. Self-Reliance. Inspiration. Leaders in Athletics, Academics and Community Service.

Cagehero is dedicated to the idea that inner-strength, self-reliance and a healthy competitive attitude is what makes dreams come true. The goal is simple: Inspire all generations to "Follow your passion"™ and remember that "The Hero comes from Within"™.

Again, to check out the video for the CageHero Kids Team click here. To "Like" for the CageHero on Facebook and support the movement click here. And to check out the latest CageHero product line -- EVERYTHING IS ON SALE RIGHT NOW -- click here

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