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UFC 138: Mark Munoz is confident enough to stand and bang with Chris Leben

In the main event of UFC 138 on Nov. 5 in Birmingham, England, Mark Munoz is scheduled for five rounds of hell with Chris Leben.

And the crazy son of a gun says he's confident enough to strike with the noted knockout artist (via Tatame):

"You know, I'm ready wherever the fight goes against Chris Leben. I'm a wrestler, so I'm gonna try to take him down, and I think he knows that, but at the same time I'm confident with my striking as well. So, I've proven myself to be a good mixed martial artist and you gonna see a mixed martial artist in there, no matter if it's on the feet or on the ground, you gonna see good aspects of both on my feet or on the ground. Yeah, I'm being more of a complete fighter now."

Famous last words? Or simply an effective method of delivery for misinformation?

Munoz frequently trains with Wanderlei Silva, the last man to try his luck standing and trading bombs with "The Crippler." He was viciously knocked out in all of 27 seconds at UFC 132.

Of course, "The Filipino Wrecking Machine" has better options, like his NCAA Division I wrestling credentials and proficiency in the grappling arts.

But he seems to think he's more of a complete fighter and if the fight plays itself out a certain way, he'll be in the pocket exchanging punches with Leben.

All that said, let's get some predictions, Maniacs. Which one of these two powerful middleweights will travel back across the pond having notched another victory? Munoz or Leben?

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