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Chael Sonnen: The winner of Nick Diaz vs BJ Penn will get the next title shot against Georges St. Pierre

Step aside, Carlos Condit, your services are no longer necessary.

After Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre suffered a knee injury that was bad enough to knock him out until early February, "The Natural Born Killer" had the chance to take another fight at UFC 137 on Oct. 29 in Las Vegas or sit and wait for his shot.

Speaking on MMA Live, Chael Sonnen proclaimed it was a mistake to choose the latter because a bigger and better fight will be available for St. Pierre by then.

"I don't think this fight's going to come back for quite some time. Listen: if you're the champion, you remain champion until you lose the title. If you're the number one contender, you absolutely are not ingrained in any type of stone. As a matter of fact, not only do I believe he has lost this opportunity, I believe the winner of Nick Diaz vs. B.J. Penn will get the next opportunity against GSP."

Far be it from me to speculate but the UFC has pulled the old switch-a-roo in the past. If it means bigger business then cold decisions have to be made, right?

Then again, this is all almost surely contingent on Diaz defeating Penn. That's because "The Prodigy" isn't likely to ever square off against St. Pierre again after losing to him twice, the second time decisively.

But the Stockton slugger has generated enough buzz since coming over from Strikeforce that if he wins, there will be a hard decision to make for the powers that be.

Would it be fair? Of course not, but this is a business and cash is king.

Hear more from Sonnen, along with the rest of the MMA Live crew, on the upcoming slate of action at UFC 137 after the jump.

MMA Live:

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