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BJ Penn 'Road to UFC 137' video for Nick Diaz fight on Oct. 29 (Episode two)

Thanks to multiple shakeups to the UFC 137 fight card, B.J. Penn, who was initially slated to square off against Carlos Condit in the co-main event of the evening, will now take on Nick Diaz in the headlining bout. And he's ready for it, as documented in the video above. Great quote from the vid:

"For some strange reason, I'm ready for this. A lot of other days, a lot of other times, a lot of other camps, I might be sick as a dog right now. You know what? I'm just too old. Too old to talk shit, too old to care. Oh, yeah, no, I care. (I'm) too old to care about what's going on (in the media), you know what I mean? I just want to get a couple wins, a couple big wins, maybe a title."

"The Prodigy" is still a monster ... and this monster lives. He's just too old to get into pissing matches anymore. Nothing wrong with that. To check out episode one of B.J. Penn's "Road to UFC 137" click here.

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