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Pride never die: Mirko Filipovic wants to prove that he's still 'Cro Cop'

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4-5 record in the UFC, consecutive knockout losses, 37-years-old ... is Mirko Filipovic done?

No. Hell no, according to the Croatian ass-kicker, who will do battle against Roy Nelson at UFC 137 on Oct. 29 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The former Pride knockout king may have fallen on hard times as of late but the fire still burns. His motivation comes from his quick burial in the eyes of so many fans (via MMA Fighting):

"I must win this fight. ...I will have to beat him, and I will do it. I trained six months for this fight. I will do it. Some people, many people, buried me alive because I lost twice in a row. I just want to prove to everybody that I'm still Cro Cop. ...I want to raise from the grave. That's what I want to prove to everybody. That's my motivation. I want to feel that feeling when the referee raises my hand. I want to take that shower -- it's a special moment for me, taking that shower after my victory, and I'm so happy. I go back to the hotel and the next day I'm so happy. I don't even think about [money] until the UFC bookkeeper calls me a few days later to transfer the money."

"Cro Cop's" glory days of 2006 have long passed and whether he wins or loses this fight, it's the last on his current UFC contract and it's not expected to be renewed.

But that doesn't mean it's time to tuck tail and close up shop.

Nelson may have enlisted the help of Frank Mir, who knocked Filipovic out back at UFC 119 in Sept. 2010, but "Cro Cop" still has that vaunted high kick that won't have to travel very far to land on "Big Country's" skull.

One more for the road?

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