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Why did Nick Diaz miss the UFC 137 press conference?

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Because the guy that gets paid "100 grand" to tell him what to do wasn't standing around telling him "hey, you can't miss this press conference." Sounds like money well spent. Poor kid got robbed, I would have done it for 10.

Diaz elaborates (via MMA Weekly):

"Of course I have regret. I have people that are supposed to take care of stuff, like I got a lawyer or something right, that’s supposed to get paid 100 grand, a ridiculous amount of money. I’ve been living the same since I started since I was 17. I lived down the street from my parents, who I used to live in the same house with, now I live with my brother. I’ve got all these people, business people, and big money people around me trying to make deals. I don’t know anything about that. All I know, somebody’s getting paid over 100 grand just to tell me what I’m supposed to do and what I’m not supposed to do. I think for that much money I think I could have had somebody standing around telling me ‘hey, you can’t miss this press conference.’"

Diaz will square off against B.J. Penn in the main event of UFC 137 on Oct. 29 in Las Vegas, Nevada. His headlining bout with the Hawaiian "Prodigy" was announced in the wake of Georges St. Pierre's knee injury, which prompted a quick re-shuffling of the "Sin City" fight card.

The Stockton slugger's press conference snafu made headlines because it got him booted from his title fight against the Canadian earlier this month. Carlos Condit took his place against "Rush" but fate being what it is, Diaz has returned to the main event.

And based on his past behavior, which can be described as erratic at best, it could be his last one if he's defeated by Penn at the Mandalay Bay Events Center a week from Saturday.

Anyone think he's a victim of poor management?

Or is it time for him to put his checkbook away and take responsibility for his own career? Any fight fans support Diaz through this ordeal? Why or why not?

Opinions, please.

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