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UFC Halloween Costumes: Who wants to be a effing fighter?

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The Seth Petruzelli costume as Kimbo Slice for Halloween (see the pic right here) will probably be hard to top this year, or any year for that matter, but Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is still giving you the tools to not look like a tool while trick-or-treating.

So, you wanna be a effing fighter?

Then dress like one, using these UFC "costumes" to walk around like the smasher that you are. Or just wear the same old crap you always wear to the live events, since it's basically the same thing.

Board shorts + gratuitous Affliction shirt = instant costume.

Or force your lovely lady to pile herself into one of these "authentic" UFC Octagon Girl outfits, complete with emergency frostbite kit for those chilly Halloween nights.

Confession time, pumpkinheads, who's dressing up this year? And as what? Let's hear your best and worst costume ideas in the comments section below.

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