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UFC Quick Quote: Fabricio Werdum will 'probably' fight in December, 'maybe' in the UFC

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"He’s back to the trainings, he’s making everybody laugh. He’ll probably fight in December… He’s talking to the UFC, and maybe they come up with something for December. I like the idea, he deserves it. In case it actually happens, UFC is the place he should’ve never left. The bests are there, and there’s where Werdum belongs."

Sounds like Rafael Cordeiro has this thing locked down. The King's MMA coach tells that Strikeforce heavyweight grappling stud Fabricio Werdum, who was bounced out of the promotion's grand prix tournament after stinking up the American Airlines Center against Alistair Overeem back on June 18 in Dallas, could be back inside the cage by December. But will it be under the UFC banner? Cordeiro seems to think it's a place "Vai Cavalo" should have never left. Do you agree? Can the Brazilian be competitive in today's heavyweight landscape? Or will the UFC power-punchers (hello, Junior dos Santos) send him back to Abu Dhabi with his gi between his legs?

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