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Dolla dolla Kos, y'all: Josh Koscheck just wants to get paid

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It's all about the Benjamins, baby.

At least, that's how it is for former UFC welterweight title contender Josh Koscheck. It's hard to argue against his mentality when considering his unenviable position.

He'll be 34-years-old this year and after six years and 18 fights inside the Octagon, he doesn't exactly have a lot to show for it.

What's worse, he holds two losses to the champion within his division, Georges St. Pierre. That means he either has to wait around for the French-Canadian to lose the title, which he's in no "rush" to do, or find something better to do with his time.

Like take big fights against big names for big money.

Koscheck recently spoke with MMA Weekly and he'll take option two for $1000, please:

"I don't have much longer in this career and at this point I want to take big fights, big names, and sell the hell out of the fight and go in there and perform and win. ... I'm trying to get paid. I'm working to renegotiate my contract right now. That's probably why I'm not fighting in San Jose (at UFC 139), but it will all work out. Speak with the UFC in the next couple of weeks and get a new contract and I'll fight wherever they want me to fight. I'm a money fighter; I'm about making money. I'll fight 185, I'll fight 205, I'll fight heavyweight if I'm getting paid enough. I don't care who I fight. I just like to fight, it's what I do."

Koscheck made his triumphant return from surgery to repair a broken orbital on Sept. 24 at the UFC 135: "Jones vs. Rampage" event by knocking out legendary welterweight Matt Hughes.

That's one big name fight crossed off the list.

There may not be any of those left at 170-pounds, though, which is why "Kos" is speaking so openly about moving up to middleweight. It's highly unlikely he'll ever fight above 185-pounds but if anyone is crazy enough to do it, it's Koscheck.

Anyone got a big fight in mind for him?

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