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UFC 137: Will Nick Diaz ask BJ Penn to stop being a sissy and fight?

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Former Strikeforce Welterweight Champion Nick Diaz loves to fight (duh).

It should come as no surprise then, that anytime he's inside the cage you can expect a litany of taunts, including his patented celestial bench-press (two arms up and down towards the sky) or a garbled mess of muffled shit-talking.

Whatever it takes, he just wants you to engage.

That's according to friend and teammate Gilbert Melendez, who shares the Cesar Gracie training academy with the hostile hospital heavy as he prepares for a UFC 137 mash-up opposite B.J. Penn on Oct. 29 in Las Vegas.

"El Nino" talks to

"Every time you watch Nick Diaz, you're about to see a fight and you can't guarantee that with all these matches. A lot of people treat this as a sparring session or they could be a little boring, but when you see Nick Diaz, he's there to fight and you're gonna see a full-on exciting fight. The guy comes at you to fight; not to win on the scorecards and not to win the points, but to come out and finish the fight. He'll test your heart, he'll test your chin, and he'll test everything about you. If you try to stall him out, he'll talk you into a fight. He'll tell you ‘stop being a sissy, fight me.'"

Come at him, bro.

Diaz was originally booked to fight Georges St. Pierre for the 170-pound title, but after blowing off consecutive media junkets, White yanked him from the "Sin City" main event in favor of Carlos Condit, who was originally set to challenge "The Prodigy."

After pasting Matt Hughes at UFC 123 back in Nov. 2010, Penn battled Jon Fitch to a disappointing draw at UFC 127 earlier this year. The Hawaiian grappler, who has some of the best hands in the business, has been criticized for many things throughout his illustrious career.

Being a sissy isn't one of them.

What say you, Maniacs? How well do these two match-up? Jiu-jitsu, chin, hands, who gets the advantage in these departments and why?

Sound off!

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