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Matt Lindland: Anderson Silva wouldn't make it out of the third round in a Chael Sonnen rematch

Sounds like former middleweight number one contender Chael Sonnen has "The Law" on his side.

That's because Matt Lindland, who came up through the ranks alongside his fellow wrestler, has already established a gameplan for Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen part deux, one that involves finishing "The Spider" before the end of the third round.

Straight from the horse's mouth (via Bleacher Report):

"I think the rematch would look just like the first one, except I’ve got a game plan for Chael to finish him before the end of the third round. So, yeah it’ll look similar to their first encounter, but with some additional techniques and strategy, it won’t make it to the championship rounds."

Sonnen basically had his way with Silva for almost the entire five rounds of their UFC 117 main event back in Aug. 2010. That is, until the Brazilian slapped on a fight ending triangle choke to save him from what would have been his first UFC defeat.

The mixed martial arts community has been clamoring for "Silva vs. Sonnen II" following Sonnen's successful return to action at UFC 136, a second round submission win over the hard-hitting Brian Stann back on Oct. 8, 2011.

While Ed Soares doesn't believe his client should be obligated to grant an immediate rematch, it's safe to say that he will eventually be overruled by the court of public opinion.

And it helps that Sonnen is really the only 185-pound contender who hasn't been thoroughly trounced by the aging arachnid.

Well, what say you Maniacs? Does a gameplan exist that will allow Sonnen to seal the deal? And if it does, anyone think it comes from Matt Lindland?

Opinions, please.

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