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King Mo challenges Rampage Jackson to a fight -- and vows not to take him down (Video)

"Enough of the talk, let's do the action. Let's bang then, dawg. You're talkin' about you wanna box, you can box me! I won't take you down, you know what I'm sayin'? Or you can holla at my boy James Toney and be a sparring partner for him. Pick your poison. You can getcha ass whipped in boxing by James Toney, or you can getcha ass whipped by me in MMA. I'll stand and box with you."

This is getting interesting. Muhammed Lawal gives some background to his longstanding feud with Quinton Jackson, which dates back "15 years" according to the freestlye phenom. "King Mo" is tired of the jibber-jabber and wants to settle their differences using his fists. He even goes so far as to promise a boxing match with zero takedowns. Is this an offer the former PRIDE fighter can't (or shouldn't) refuse? Anyone think we'll actually see these two hook 'em up? And who wins if they do?

Props: FC Fighter

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