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UFC Quick Quote: Any fight Rory MacDonald's in is going to be exciting

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"Brian is a very experienced man. He's seen everything in this sport. Very durable style and he's a smart fighter. He knows what to attack ... I'm going to have to bring my A-game against this guy. ... Any fight I'm in is going to be exciting. It's going to be technical and exciting, that's what I like to bring to the fans. I'll try to finish it any way, submission, knockout... I just want to finish, that's what I'm here to do. I don't like going to decision. As much as it happens at this level, my goal is to finish, just like any fighter, really."

-- 22-year-old welterweight wunderkind Rory MacDonald wants to be exactly what fight fans want him to be -- a lethal finisher that never needs the aid of the judges scorecards. The mixed martial artist formerly known as "The Waterboy" hates going the distance in his fights and it shows; 11 of his 12 career victories have come by way of knockout or submission. He'll try to improve even further on that insane rate when he battles longtime veteran Brian Ebersole at UFC 140 on Dec. 10 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. According to MacDonald, at least, we can expect another exciting but technical fight. Looking forward to it, Maniacs? And will "Ares" ascent up the ranks of the 170-pound division continue?

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