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Kimbo Slice wins second boxing match with one punch knockout (Video)

Video starts at 0:23 mark.

From street fighting sensation to Ultimate Fighter to boxer, Kevin Ferguson, better known as Kimbo Slice is still hanging around the combat scene and scoring one punch knockouts. Just last night, in his second bout inside a boxing ring, he defeated Tay Bledsoe with the first punch he threw, a wild right hand.

Ferguson is now 2-0 inside the squared circle but he's been matched up with two pugilists that can barely be considered as much. Not to mention, you can tell from the video that he's put on some weight since his last time out. Indeed, Kimbo weighed in at 227-pounds for his first fight and settled at 244-pounds for this last one.

At 37-years-old and with a declining physique, does the former king of the streets have much of a future in the boxing world?

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