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UFC Quick Quote: Dana White thinks Jon Jones still hasn't arrived

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"I've said it many times that this guy is the whole package. At such a young age, taking on the names and beating the guys that he has. He might not be a household name, but when he beat Matyushenko, I was blown away with how he's done it. He's dealing with a lot of stuff that puts a lot of pressure on people and at a very young age. It's unbelievable. Before the Rampage fight people were talking pound for pound but I don't want to put the pressure on this guy. You're not in your prime until you're 27, 28, 29 years old. It's really impressive. You have to respect what he's been able to do at such a young age and how he's done it. If Jon Jones can walk through Machida the way he walked through Rampage than he has arrived, he is the real deal. The sky's the limit for this kid. He's got the Rashad fight after that and Rashad claims he's getting his number. Machida is stylistically very tough and I think this is a fun fight."

-- UFC President Dana White is, before anything else, a promoter. That means his word should usually be taken with a grain of salt or, at least, one must realize he'll speak with words that will make his business more successful. That means saying things like "Frankie Edgar is the number two pound-for-pound fighter in the world, I don't care if you think differently, you're wrong and I'm right." But he's taken a different approach with UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones. Instead of calling him the second coming of christ, like so many others have, White is exercising caution with his 205-pound prized possession. "Bones" is a star in the making, a potential future two-division champion who may very well go down as the greatest of all time. He's certainly got all the physical tools to make such a dream a reality, as well as the mental capacity to continue to grow into his skin. But he's still young, just 24-years-old, actually, and despite his massive success against veterans of the fight game like Vladimir Matyushenko and Quinton Jackson, there's most certainly a long road ahead. The light heavyweight surf is filled with sharks who all present a new and interesting style match-up. If Jones can navigate the waters with the skillful ease of which he's done so far, he may very well be the best ever. White just isn't ready to say as much yet. And you know what? This time he's right. Agree or disagree?

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