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UFC 137 main event: If it goes to decision, Georges St. Pierre is probably going to beat Carlos Condit

Those are Carlos Condit's words, not mine.

UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre may catch flak from the media and fans for being a "decision fighter" but it's created a certain mentality in his opponents that they have to finish him in order to defeat him.

St. Pierre's two career defeats both came in the first round, one by way of knockout and one by way of submission. Condit knows he needs to emanate one of the two in the main event of UFC 137 on Oct. 29 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"I would like to finish. I feel like if it goes to decision I'd probably be on the losing end of the scorecards. Hopefully not, you know. In a perfect world I can get in there and win rounds and be able to stop takedowns. But I think my best chance in this fight is my stopping ability, my striking and my submissions."

"The Natural Born Killer" is nothing if not a finisher; 26 of Condit's 27 career victories have come without assistance from cageside judges. That's an insane finishing rate but will he be able to end St. Pierre's night early when the two square off later this month?

Hear more from Condit on the biggest fight of his life after the jump.

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