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W-1 results and LIVE fight coverage for 'Reloaded' on Oct. 15 in Miami


Warrior One MMA (W-1) is ready to get the ball rolling with its latest pay-per-view (PPV) fight card TONIGHT (Sat., Oct. 15, 2011) from the United Bank Center in Miami, Florida.

W-1: "Reloaded" will be headlined by former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) gun-slinger Marcus Davis as he will try to lob a few "hand grenades" at his challenger, former Ultimate Fighter (TUF) participant Chuck O'Neil.

In the co-main event, former XFC Featherweight Champion Luis Palomino will go up against Edson Berto, in a bout that was originally scheduled to be fought for the Bellator Fighting Championships promotion. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage of W-1: "Reloaded" below, beginning at around 8:00 p.m. ET and continuing through to the end of the broadcast.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the PPV broadcast to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to get involved in the discussion. Leave a comment, make a sig bet or launch a well-placed verbal jab. Just keep 'em (relatively) clean, fellas.

As a reminder, fight fans will be able to view this card LIVE in its entirety through the folks at GFL Combat Sports Network ( for only $9.95. 

Without further delay, see below for the latest W-1: "Reloaded" results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.


170 lbs.: Chuck O'Neil def Marcus Davis via split decision
155 lbs.: Luis Palomino def Edson Berto via unanimous decision
170 lbs.: John Manley def Sabah Homasi via unanimous decision
170 lbs.: Allen Arzeno def Tom Waters via TKO (strikes) at 3:12 of round two
170 lbs.: Nathan Coy def Patrick Mikesz via unanimous decision
170 lbs.: Kenny Moss def Bruno Da Maria via submission (arm-triangle choke) at 1:46 of round two
185 lbs.: Frank Carrillo def Joseph Watson via KO (uppercut) at of 2:37 round one
135 lbs.: Suzie Montero def Kim Couture via unanimous decision
145 lbs.: Giovanni Brugnoni def James Wynn via submission (guillotine) at 0:57 of round one
170 lbs.: Michael Trujillo def Eric Raposo via TKO (punches) at 0:55 of round one
180 lbs.: Anthony Garavito def Davaun McKoy via submission (kimura) at 2:57 of round three
155 lbs.: Michael Quinones def Denis Sejdievski via unanimous decision

Haggerty here!

Marcus Davis vs. Chuck O'Neil

Round one: Feeling out process underway. Davis rushes in after a few seconds and the two clinch. Davis pushes O'Neil up against the fence and is trying to get underhooks. O'Neil reverses and lands a good knee. O'Neil with the judo throw but Davis with good balance and able to get right back up. Davis still working for takedown. Back to center, both exchanging hands. Davis lands a nice left to the head. Davis comes in with a good punch combo then backs away. O'Neil with a nice body kick. Davis with another good combo, throwing a big overhand right that barely misses. Davis pushing things against the cage again. Davis with the sweep and the takedown. Davis in side control. O'Neil reverses and is inside the guard of Davis now. Less than a minute to go. Davis landing elbows from bottom. O'Neil backs away and is now landing some good sots from the top. Davis is cut. Shocking. I know. Looked to be a 10-9 round for O'Neil.

Round two: O'Neil starts off with a nice head kick. Partially blocked. Davis rushes in and eats a body kick. Davis comes in and clinches but backs away after getting clipped a bit. O'Neil throwing a lot of kicks now. His reach is becoming a problem for Davis. Good leg kick for Davis. O'Neil answers with a good body kick and then ties Davis up against the fence. Davis reverses and gets the takedown. Davis inside the full guard. O'Neil active from bottom. Chess match now on the canvas. Davis stacks looking to strike. As he comes down, O'Neil sneaks out and gets back to his feet. Two minutes to go in the round. Clinched up against the fence. Good knee for O'Neil. Davis sweeps and gets takedown. Half-guard for Davis. Very close round and fight in general right now. Less than a minute left. Davis working elbows from inside the guard. Davis lurches down to land a strike and very nearly gets stuck in a triangle. Davis doing good work from top but O'Neil also doing damage from the bottom. Close but I give it to Davis, 10-9. 

Round three: Davis with inside leg kick, O'Neil answers with a right punch to the head. O'Neil lands a nice knee on the exit. Both throw combos, even exchange. Davis ties him up again and has him against the fence. Looks like he's trying to wear him down. Davis with the takedown, apparently not loving how the stand up exchange was going. Davis in half-guard trying to transition to side control but O'Neil controlling Davis' leg. O'Neil almost reverses him but Davis able to keep him down. Referee stands things up for inactivity. O'Neil with the takedown right away. Now he has full mount. This is bad for Davis. Big elbow for O'Neil. Davis rolls to give up his back. Two minutes to go. Davis is leaking like a faucet. O'Neil has him in the body lock and working for a submission. There's blood everywhere. Shield your eyes! One minute left. Announcer assures us they've had their blood tested. Thanks for that. O'Neil doing his best to get a rear-naked choke but it's tough with all the blood. Davis controlling his wrists. Referee calls pause so doctor can look at Davis' cut. Back to the original position. Not enough time for O'Neil to finish him but this was a huge round for O'Neil. Maybe a 10-8 round. Decision coming. 

Final result: Chuck O'Neil via split decision


Edson Berto vs. Luis Palomino

Round one: Palomino starts off with a nice leg kick. Palomino circling, very active. Palomino with another nice leg kick then lands a decent punch to the midsection. Berto patient, walking him down. Palomino lands a nasty inside leg kick, then another. Berto catches the kick this time and takes him down. Palomino escapes and gets right back up. Palomino continues to throw and land leg kicks, keeping Berto at a distance. Berto goes for a head kick, misses and falls to the canvas. Back up. Berto lands a nice left hook. One minute to go. Palomino pushes off the cage, throws a superman punch that clips Berto, then follows up, clinching against the fence. Very nice combination! Palomino working inside knees and trying to get takedown. Berto reverses, Palomino breaks away. Berto throws an out of control spinning heel kick at the bell but gets nowhere near him. 10-9 for Palomino.

Round two: "Baboon" gets back to work with the inside leg kicks. Berto rushes in for takedown and gets clipped by a punch to the head. He looks a little dazed. Palomino mixing up the punches and kicks. Berto answers with a leg kick of his own. Good exchange from both fighters. Palomino still appears to be landing the majority of the strikes. Berto with a good inside leg kick then goes for single leg takedown. Palomino defends and gets away. Berto goes for another head kick that Palomino blocked, for the most part. Palomino with a hard leg kick. Berto working the jab. Berto throws a huge overhand right that misses. Palomino taunting him and keeping his hands down. Palomino appeared to be hurt by eyepoke. Referee does nothing, just like earlier in the evening. Very poor officiating. One minute left. Palomino presses Berto up against the fence, working for takedown. Inside knee by Palomino, very close to low blow. Berto reverses. Berto goes for takedown at end of round but is unsuccessful and very nearly kicked in the head by Palomino. I call it a 10-10 round.

Round three: Fighters meet in the middle and exchange combos. Palomino goes for a superman (right) punch and follows with a left hook. Palomino throws a kick followed by a beautiful one-two punch combo to the body. Berto shoots for takedown, Palomino sprawls and is able to end up on top. Palomino in half-guard now. Palomino postures up and works some short punches. Palomino trying to hard to get his leg out to work for side control. Berto grabs his leg to go for an ankle lock but Palomino slips out. Back on the feet. Just under two minutes to go. Very close fight. Berto throws another head kick attempt. Blocked. Palomino throws and lands a spectacular flying knee and is all over Berto! Berto looks staggered. Berto slaps with a good leg kick and then another. Palomino ends the round dancing, seeming to rub it in. Looked to be a 10-9 round for Palomino. 

Final result: Luis Palomino via unanimous decision


Sabah Homasi vs. John Manley

Round one: Fighter engage right away. Manley throws a few punches then they clinch up. Action up against the fence. Homasi goes for the guillotine but lets it go. Manley working for takedown. Manley softening him up with inside knees to the quads. Manley finally gets him down and is immediately in side control. Manley working ground and pound, lands a few elbows. Manley using his wrestling to hold his opponent down. Manley transitions to north-south position, back to side control. Manley goes for full mount and Homasi slips out in the process. Homasi gets takedown of his own and is on top now. Homasi working inside the guard of Manley. Manley appears to be cut over his right eye. Homasi landing a air amount of strikes from the top. Nice elbow. Homasi is clearly hurting Manley with some vicious short punches and elbows. Homasi ends round on top. 10-9 for Homasi. 

Round two: Manley presses the action and looks for single leg takedown. Homasi makes kimura attempt but Manley frees himself up and gets the takedown. Manley inside the guard, landing a few elbows. Manley still on top, having trouble keeping his wrists free, but landing some shots. Manley works to side control now. Homasi able to use his strength and push Manley off him. No sooner than they reach their feet, Manley gets another takedown. Homasi goes for guillotine from bottom but no real threat. Manley is throwing elbows and punches from the top. Not many are getting through but he clearly won the round. 10-9 for Manley.

Round three: Homasi jumps all over Manley and lands a couple nice body kicks. Manley answers back with a shot attempt and then eventually gets the takedown. Manley has Homasi underneath him against the fence. Manley's cut is really start to bleed badly now. Oddly, it's working to his advantage, as it is going all over Homasi's face. Tough to defend from the bottom when your mouth and eyes are full of blood. Not a pretty sight. Manley transitions again to side control and is landing some good elbows from this spot. Manley throws his leg over and has full mount now. Manley is starting to unload. Homasi able to escape and wall-walk to his feet. Manley keeps the underhooks and tries for another takedown. Manley working the inside knees. One minute to go. Both guys are looking winded and no one can blame them. Manley goes for another double leg attempt and finally gets the takedown he'd worked on for over a minute. Not much time left and Manley in side control. It looks like Manley did enough to take this decision. 10-9 round for Manley. 

Final result: John Manley via unanimous decision


Allen Arzeno vs. Tom Waters

Round one: Into the action right away. Arzeno working the leg kicks immediately. Waters goes for takedown and gets it. Waters has him pinned up against the fence. Arzeno wall-walks back to his feet, but Waters puts him back down. Arzeno slips out again and this time it's back on the feet. Waters clinches against the fence, gets underhooks and takes him down again. Arzeno keeps "almost" getting up, but is routinely put backdown by Waters. Big slam by Waters who is now in side control. Waters goes north-south. Two minutes to go. Arzeno looks to get back up, but Waters is all over him. Back up against the fence now. Arzeno tries to grab an arm for a half-hearted kimura attempt. Waters in half-guard, playing it safe. Waters now gets full mount. Arzeno somehow gets out. Arzeno lands a couple nice punches. Waters comes in for takedown and Arzeno effectively sprawls. Good end to the round for Arzeno but Waters should have eeked it out, 10-9. 

Round two: We're right back where we ended with a takedown by Waters, leaving him in dominant position against the cage. More of the same with Waters working his wrestling and Arzeno defending. Arzeno is doing everything he can to push through it, but every time he starts to get back up, he is put on his back again. Grueling match thus far. Fight back to standing and Arzeno rushes in with a flying knee. Waters is down and the fight has been stopped. Some controversy over the nature of the stoppage. It appeared that Arzeno hit Waters with an eye poke, which is what allowed him to land the big knee. The referee didn't see it and stopped the fight, due to strikes. This one may get reversed later.  

Final result: Allen Arzeno via TKO (strikes) at 3:12 of round two


Nathan Coy vs. Patrick Mikesz

Round one: Coy gets takedown right away and is on top. Mikesz working for traingle attempt but to no avail. Mikesz gets back up but Coy puts him right back down. Mikesz keeps working for a triangle or armbar but Coy doing well to keep his hands together. Coy working some punches from the top. Coy continuing to land some good ground and pound. Coy's strikes are starting to get through in higher volume now. Two minutes left in round one. Mikesz is staying busy but Coy has heavy hips and is keeping him pinned against the fence. Coy is landing a good variety of punches to the body and head. Coy gets side control. Mikesz looking to walk cage with feet and escape but still trapped. Coy lands a few elbows. Very dominant round for Coy, 10-8.

Round two: Mikesz throwing kicks early. Odd strategy, leaving himself open to the takedowns of Coy. Coy lands a nice right jab. Coy rushes in, fakes strike combo and gets another double leg takedown. Coy working to get Mikesz's back. Mikesz rolls over and is working in the full guard now. Coy lands a strike from the top that draws a reaction from the crowd and from Mikesz. Coy unloading now from the top. Mikesz is bleeding badly now from the forehead. Coy doing a good job of mixing up punches and elbows as Mikesz looks stuck against the cage. About a minute to go and Mikesz showing no sign of being able to escape. Coy in side control and landing some knees to the ribs. Coy lands another nice elbow right near where the cut is on Mikesz forehead. Coy goes north-south, looks for choke briefly, but moves back to side control. Mikesz threatened at no point and was cut badly. I don't see how this wouldn't be another 10-8 round for Coy.

Round three: Mikesz is certainly far behind and should be looking to come out and get a finish. Coy rushes in for takedown and gets hit a couple times. Coy backs up, but comes right back in and is successful this time with the double leg. Coy on top, but this time has Mikesz in the center of the cage instead of up against the fence. Coy goes from side control to north-south again. Now back to side control. Back to north-south and working hard to sink in the choke. Mikesz is turning red. He's about to go to sleep, but surprisingly, Coy gives up on it and goes back to side control. Coy completely dominating. Mikesz looks to stand back up, Coy grabs his neck and gradually works him back to the mat. Coy in side control again and working the elbows. Less than a minute to go. Props to Mikesz for fighting through this but he's getting badly worked. Coy works for arm triangle choke but Mikesz slips out. Back to side control. Knees to the ribs by Coy. Again, I can't see how you don't call this a 10-8 round for Coy. 

Final result: Nathan Coy via unanimous decision


Bruno Reis Da Maria vs. Kenny Moss

Round one: Moss bouncing around, looking Clay Guida a bit. Da Maria looks relaxed. Moss starts off with a good outside leg kick. Da Maria lands a good right cross. And another. Moss is bleeding already. Moss keeps rushing in and getting clipped each time. Da Maria pushes Moss against the cage, working underhooks. Moss reverses, but then Da Maria reverses right back. Da Maria gets the underhooks and the takedown. Da Maria working from inside Moss' guard. Da Maria landing some quick punches to the ribs. Moss working from bottom trying to get fee. Da Maria postures up, stacks his opponent and lands a couple very nice punches. Moss back up, two minutes to go. Da Maria is picking him apart with punches. Moss smiling but he's clearly not enjoying the stand up exchanges. Nice front push kick by Moss. Moss with some good movement, circling and trying to plant some jabs. Da Maria sitting in the pocket, looking for a hole. Moss lands a front kick then a good punch to the head. He pounces, thinking he has Da Maria hurt and gets the takedown. Moss likely stole the round. 10-9: Moss.

Round two: Moss is in Da Maria's face right away, working leg kicks and jabs. Da Maria still looks a bit dazed from the end of the last round. Moss attempts a kick, but it is caught by Da Maria who scores the double leg takedown. Da Maria on top, gets Moss' back and sinks the hooks in. Moss able to throw him off and gets side control. And it's over! Moss was able to quickly sink in a side choke and get Da Maria to tap in desperation. Tough to see exactly what kind of choke it was. It was really Moss' shoulder driving into Da Maria's throat that warranted the tap. No help from the announcers so we're calling it an arm-triangle choke.

Final result: Kenny Moss via submission (arm-triangle choke) at 1:46 of round two


Joseph Watson vs. Frank Carrillo

Round one: Slow going early on. Watson looks to have sizable reach advtange. We'll see if he uses it. Watson working the jab. Carrillo answers with a good leg kick. Carrillo lands several more leg kicks and Watson isn't checking them. Watson changes stance to open, possibly to protect against leg kicks. Watson rushes in for a takedown and Carrillo lands a brutal uppercut, right on the button. Watson is unconscious instantly. Very nice KO!

Final result: Frank Carrillo via KO (uppercut) at 2:37 of round one


Kim Couture vs. Suzie Montero

Round one: Slow going early. Both fighters feeling out and finding distance. Couture paws a bit. Montero lands inside leg kick, but is answered with a left hand by Couture. Montero pushes Couture up against the fence. Couture with underhooks, but Montero able to get the takedown. Montero on top but looks uninterested, lets her back up. Ladies are talking some trash. Couture looks to have been hit in the mouth and is swelling a bit. Montero pushes the action to the cage again and is clinching. Montero working knees and dirty boxing. Little over two minutes to go in the first round. Couture tries to control head from the side and eats a few knees to the body. Montero peppering Couture with repeated inside knees. Montero working very hard to wear her opponent down. Referee feels things are slowing down and splits them up, brings it back to the center. Less than a minute to go. Montero lands nice push body kick, Couture slips to the mat. Couture back up and Montero has her up against the fence again. Round ends that way. 10-9 for Montero.  

Round two: Couture throws a body kick. Montero walks right through it and gets the takedown but gets reversed. Couture on top now working inside the guard of Montero. Couture tries to posture up but Montero is doing a good job of controlling her wrists. Couture should be stacking her, but she's just kind of hovering over her, not very active. Referee will probably stand this up soon. Couture gets her wrists loose and throws a couple punches from the top. Montero clearly working for armbar but she doesn't have a solid angle to do so. Couture lands a decent elbow to the midsection. Couture now has her arm under Montero's neck and may be working for some sort of side choke. She gives it up and gets hit a few times in the face by Montero as she raises up. Just under two minutes to go. Montero pushes Couture off with a nice double-leg push kick to the knees. Back to standing position with about a minute left. Couture throws a haymaker, doesn't solidly land but grazes Montero on the side of the head. Montero ties her up again and pushes her to the cage. Should be a 10-9 round for Couture. 

Round three: Montero with nice outside leg kick. Couture coming forward, lands a jab. Couture claims an eyepoke but referee isn't hearing any of it. Montero with a couple nice front kicks. Couture continues to rush in with pushes but is being kept at bay by kicks. After getting clipped with a nice right cross, Montero clinches up, pushes Couture into the fence and lands a couple of knees. Montero continues to stick with the inside knees. Not doing a ton of damage but certainly she's in control right now. Fight scorecards should be all knotted up. It's anyone's fight. Fight gets moved back to the middle. Montero lands nice leg kick and Couture responds with a left hand to the head. Couture clinches now and lands a good knee. About a minute left. Montero takes Couture's back in standing position. Montero jumps to get hooks in. Couture walks to fence and shakes her off, though Montero keeps hand control. Montero still controlling and lands a couple of punches. Couture gets a takedown right at the bell. Tough round to score. I could see it being a 10-10 round, but this is MMA judging.

Final result: Suzie Montero via unanimous decision


Giovanni Brugnoni vs. James Wynn

Round one: Wynn with immediate takedown. Brugnoni tries for guillotine from bottom but nothing doing. Wynn looking to pass the guard and get side control or mount. Brugnoni still going for guillotine. Somewhat out of nowhere, Wynn taps out. Very odd sequence as Wynn seems to try to keep fighting afterwards but referee and another ringside official step in.

Final result: Giovanni Brugnoni via submission (guillotine) at 0:57 of round one


Michael Trujillo vs. Eric Raposo

Round one: Trujillo lands right away, Raposo goes for takedown. Trujillo with good balance, clinches and lands a nice knee. Trujillo pushes forward and lands a nice punch to the head. Trujillo clips him, Raposo goes down and Trujillo is all over him. It's over! Nice KO win for Trujillo!

Final result: Michael Trujillo via TKO (punches) at 0:55 of round one


Anthony Garavito vs. Davaun McKoy

Round one: Chaos right away fighters run to center. Garavito pushes McKoy to corner and gets takedown. His legs is trapped, working to free it, now looking to sinch in a guillotine. Not deep enough, McKoy slips out and stands. Garavito working for standing anacoda choke now. Still working for it and McKoy falls to the mat. If he doesn't get out of it soon he will be going to sleep. Somehow, he survives and gets free but finds himself under Garavito who now has full mount. Garavito raining down ground-and-pound. McKoy seems to have no idea how to get out. Garavito softening him up now with elbows, possibly transitioning for eventual armbar attempt. Garavito still in full mount and throwing punches from the top. Just over a minute to go in the round. McKoy finally gets out from underneath and reverses. McKoy working inside Garavito's guard. Garavito very active from the bottom, working for some type of submission. McKoy clearly has no jiu jitsu training background and looks very unsure on the ground. At one point, it looked like a 10-8 round for Garavito, but with the reversal by McKoy, it probably ended as a 10-9 round for Garavito. 

Round two: Garavito comes in throwing hands, misses and gets taken down. McKoy working inside the guard again. McKoy looks to throw a haymaker from the top and misses, slamming the canvas. Garavito back up and then gets his own takedown. Garavito in side control. Garavito trying to throw a leg over and he does. Full mount. McKoy is up against the cage. Will be hard for him to get out of this. McKoy trying to push off the fence with his feet to work free. Garavito being very methodical, landing occasional punches from mount as he works for better position. Garavito looks to have the armbar if he wants it, but puzzlingly isn't going for it. Possibly waiting till McKoy is a bit more worn out. Just under two minutes to go, Garavito still in full mount. Garavito looked like he was going to go for the armbar but hesitated. Garavito now throwing some some hard shots from the mount. "Daddy" Joe Stevenson just joined the broadcast booth. What up Joe-Daddy? Few seconds left and Garavito still in full mount. Round ends and he is unable to finish him. Definitely a 10-8 round for Garavito.

Round three: McKoy looks super gassed, but lands nice front kick. Garavito shakes it off. McKoy goes for crazy flying front kick and misses badly. Garavito really should take this down again soon and probably will. McKoy misses with superman punch attempt. Garavito rushes in for takedown and has over-under. Garavito with the sweep and is on top now against the fence. Side control for Garavito who is working for a submission now. Garavito goes for kimura and he gets it. McKoy taps before any serious damage can be done.

Final result: Anthony Garavito via submission (kimura) at 2:57 of round three


Michael Quinones vs. Denis Sejdievski

Round one: Fighters meet in middle and touch 'em up. Sejdievski comes in with a few punches but doesn't connect. Quinones connects with a couple of nice inside leg kicks. Body kick by Quinones. Sejdievski looks to tie up against the cage as the stand up was not going in his favor. Sejdievski working hard for takedown but can't get it. Back to the middle. Head kick attempt missed by Quinones. Sejdievski with the tie up again. Quinones gets loose. Sejdievski rushes in with a few strike attempts but none connect. Quinones with a front push kick to the body. Passive round thus far. Quinones lands another nice inside leg kick. Sejdievski answers with an outside leg kick. Quinones pawing at his opponent, still finding the striking distance. One and a half minutes left. Action is up against the fence again. Sejdievski doing his best to dirty things up, lands a couple knees in the clinch. Sejdievski with a hard foot stomp then an inside knee to the quadricep. Round ends with Quinones running in and landing a quick one-two combo. Should be a 10-9 round for Quinones.

Round two: Round starts the way the last ended with Quinones landing a nice striking combo and Sejdievski tying him up right afterwards. Sejdievski has tried to throw hands several times but is getting nowhere near Quinones, who continues to land nice leg kicks. On a sidenote, whoever's mom is running the camcorder for this stream is making me car-sick. I'm just saying. Quinones with another leg kick. Sejdievski tries to answer with a few punches but none connect. Two minutes left. Sejdievski lands a decent outside leg kick but not much behind it. Sejdievski throws another pucnhing combo and lands one or two, but is nailed with a head kick response. Quinones comes in with a hook kick attempt, misses but lands a few punches. Announcer just called him "Cajones"...twice. Fantastic. Sejdievski pushing forward now and being more aggressive but still landing very little. Quinones holding hands low now but doesn't seem to be in danger. Should be another 10-9 round for "Cajones."

Round three: Quinones pawing again. Very methodical. Sejdievski misses with a wild looping left hook. Quinones with another inside leg kick. He's not doing much damage but outpointing. Quinones stalking but cautiously. Every time Sejdievski comes forward, Quinones backs away quickly. Quinones lands a nice body punch then comes up and lands one to the head. Sejdievski lands an outside leg kick then comes forward with another wild combo. No dice. Sejdievski looks desperate and he should be. Quinones lands yet another hard inside leg kick. Quinones with a nice side kick to the body. One minute left. Sejdievski comes in with a combo, misses, almost falls down and gets clipped in the process. Quinones ends round with a nice jump spinning heel kick. Doesn't do a lot of damage but nice highlight. 10-9 Quinones. Decision coming up.

Final result: Michael Quinones via unanimous decision


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