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UFC 137: Carlos Condit is coming to take Georges St. Pierre's belt (Video)

Carlos Condit, Georges St. Pierre's title challenger at UFC 137 on Oct. 29 in Las Vegas, Nevada, brings the standard fare in his pre-fight interview:

"I want this. I've been training for this my entire life. Every wrestling match, every amateur boxing match that I've ever done was in preparation for this upcoming fight. Georges is very hard to game plan against. He's as dynamic and well-rounded as they come. He's a very, very tough puzzle to solve. I'm hard to fight. No matter what position I'm in, I'm making you uncomfortable. I try to not only beat you down physically but break you mentally. I'm the best that I've ever been. I'm the most focused, I'm the most motivated that I've ever been in my entire career. I'm stepping in the cage and I'm coming to take his belt."

Naturally, "The Born Killer" says he's the best he's ever been but will he be as great as advertised -- by himself and St. Pierre -- come Halloween weekend? Or is he just another welterweight washout once he earns his shot at the throne?

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