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Cro Cop: 'Stupid' Chael Sonnen has a PhD in idiocy (Full video)

"You can tell by his face that the man is slow, that he is stupid and has the IQ of a child's shoe size. You can tell this by his face, the way he communicates and let's not get into his calling out of people like 'Minotauro' Nogueira, Fedor's accomplishments or Wanderlei Silva's, me, so on. People whose heights he will never reach. Is he crazy? Obviously he is, but I'm not mad at him. It's just as I can't get mad at my eight month old son Filip. That man holds a PhD in idiocy. I'm only sorry that he is missing like 30 pounds because I would beat his ass so bad he would multiply three times. In anger I would beat him up so bad that I would split him apart. I would clone him into three specimens. One day I'm hoping to see him summering in Croatia, so I can iron his ass, so steam can shoot out his pompous ass. That's what he needs to know."

Earlier this year, former PRIDE heavyweight legend Mirko Filipovic had a chance to sit down with GOL TV to respond to Chael Sonnen, who called "Cro Cop" the second worst guy on the Zuffa roster (behind Wanderlei Silva). Above, full video of the Croatian cop's retort. Will he take out his frustrations on Roy Nelson, when the two hook 'em up at UFC 137 on Oct. 29 in Las Vegas? Preview of that fight here.

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