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UFC Quick Quote: I've fallen and I can't get the F' up

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"If you have greater than a five IQ it's very clear that Bisping and Miller have a very different style of coaching. The most preferable is Miller's way of coaching. Methodic, slow and positive. Bisping was more just yelling "get the F up!" How am I going to get the F up? Tell me how to get up. Different styles. We're not there with our normal coaches so I would never criticize Bisping for that. He just wasn't as clear and methodic. His gameplans were always great. He can just be emotional during the fights. Miller did a great job though."

Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 14 featherweight contestant Hamid Corassani blogs for MMA Nation about last night's episode of TUF, specifically titled "Get the F' up" based on coach Michael Bisping's instructions for Stephen Bass during his 145-pound fiasco against Dennis Bermudez. "Akira" prefers the slower, more methodical approach from opposing coach Jason Miller but did credit "The Count" for his solid gameplans. Any fighters out there in MMAmania land care to weigh in on the contrast in coaching styles? Was Bisping to blame for screaming at Bass instead of being more explicit in his instructions?

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