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Esquire names Gina Carano one of the sexiest women alive

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Breaking news: Gina Carano is really hot.

Don't believe me and the picture above doesn't convince you? Well the folks over at Esquire Magazine recently named her one of the sexiest women alive for the year 2011.


For having the guts of a fighter but not the body of one. For drawing the attention of Steven Soderbergh, who cast her in his new movie, Haywire, in which she - an MMA fighter - plays a spy who's as tough as she is lovely. And for unintentionally making Channing Tatum look like a good actor, at least in comparison.

Carano was supposed to return to mixed martial arts back on June 18 but a still unknown medical issue forced her to withdraw and she's been out of action ever since. 

Reports have her making her glorious return at the Strikeforce event scheduled for Dec. 17 later this year. 

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