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Georges St. Pierre: 'Unpredictable' Carlos Condit is not my friend

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Who needs friends when a legacy is on the line?

Despite both men having trained together in the past and both having ties to Greg Jackson's gym down in New Mexico, Georges St. Pierre wants you to know that Carlos Condit, his opponent at UFC 137 on Oct. 29 in Las Vegas, is not his friend.

"I'm going to have to deal with a guy who has knockout power, very technical striker and a great ground game as well. Unpredictable fighter. I've seen a lot of improvement in Carlos' game but I believe I'm a more improved fighter than Carlos is. I have a game plan to take care of Carlos and I will execute it. He's not my friend and I don't put any emotion in but I believe I will have the key to victory. I do believe I will be able to knock him out or submit him. I will remain the welterweight champion."

St. Pierre was originally set to battle Nick Diaz over Halloween weekend, but a series of unfortunate events prevented that highly anticipated fight from occurring. 

Condit just so happened to be in the right place at the right time -- with the right resume -- to slide right into the main event slot for the opportunity of a lifetime.

And, of course, become the next man who presents "Rush" with his toughest challenge to date.

Video of St. Pierre talking about his upcoming title defense, which will be his seventh in a row, after the jump.

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