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UFC on FOX: Clay Guida wants the best Ben Henderson on Nov. 12

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Now that Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard finally settled their differences at UFC 136 this past Oct. 8 in Houston, the lightweight logjam is no more. 

Not only that, but Melvin Guillard got rocked and submitted, dropping him out of contention for the time being.

With the list of contenders dwindling and top 155-pound fighters falling away, that leaves a few very important match-ups in the near future. Perhaps no one being more important than the clash between Clay Guida and Ben Henderson at UFC on FOX 1 on Nov. 12 in Anaheim, California.

And seeing as the stakes are so high, "The Carpenter" says he wants the best "Bendo" possible:

"Ben Henderson is the next guy in front of me that's keeping me from my title shot. Very well spoken opponent, very humble young man and just a great competitor, so I'm really looking forward to the challenge. We always rise to the top for the toughest occasions. This is going to be my most important fight, my toughest fight. I know Ben is going to be on his top conditioning and his best camp, so that's all we're looking for. ... We want to fight the best conditioned, best camp he's had and that's going to tell the tale of maybe who's next in line."

Henderson's conditioning is likely the last thing Guida will have to worry about. In fact, considering the reputation of both competitors, this may very well go down as the most frenetic, fast-paced bout in UFC history.

Wouldn't have it any other way.

Hear more from Guida in the full entry, including the possibility of his finally fighting for the lightweight title after being in the game for so long.