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'Scarface' coach: Jose Aldo not moving up to lightweight any time soon

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Sorry UFC featherweights, Jose Aldo is sticking around to make your life miserable.

When the world's largest fight promotion released a video chronicling "Scarface's" struggles to make the 145-pound limit for his title defense against Mark Hominick at UFC 129 back in April, whispers began of a possible jump up to 155-pounds. 

Let's face it, a guy shouldn't have to turn himself into a skeleton just before he hits the scales.

Despite his weighty issues, Aldo went on to successfully defend his belt that night in Toronto. And he did the same just this past Sat., Oct. 8 in Houston, Texas, against Kenny Florian.

That marked his fourth title defense under the Zuffa banner and win number 20 in 21 career fights, including 13 in a row. Quite frankly, he looks unstoppable.

So why not move up, right?

Because he's still got plenty of challenges to take care of before he does all that. At least, that's what his coach, Andre Pederneiras told

"He'll keep fighting in his weight class. He might be invited to fight at lightweight, but he won't abandon featherweight, because, I believe, there are a lot of challenges left for him there. He's just arrived in the UFC and has only fought there twice. Also, I believe many 155-pound fighters will drop to 145 in order to get a title shot they couldn't get (at lightweight). So, he has a lot of fights to make before thinking about it."

Believe it or not, one of the 155-pounders that might just drop down for a superfight is current Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar.

That's because UFC President Dana White, who recently ranked "The Answer" the number two pound-for-pound fighter in the world (ahead of Aldo), has been pushing for the New Jersey native to make the drop.

The bossman thinks Edgar is fighting outside of his natural weight class and if he can win the championship 10 pounds above the weight he should be fighting, what could he possibly do at 145-pounds?

Could he beat Jose Aldo?

If Pederneiras is to be believed, and if White can be convincing enough, we might just find out.

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