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UFC on Versus 6 results: Matt Wiman wins bloody decision over Mac Danzig


Tonight's (Oct. 1) UFC on Versus 6: "Cruz vs. Johnson" main card kicked off with a lightweight rematch from a controversial 2010 bout that saw Matt Wiman steal a submission victory from Mac Danzig.

Wiman was given the chance to prove his win was no fluke while Danzig got his shot at revenge. You didn't tap last time and you're the better man? Prove it.

Rematches rarely live up to their billing but this one was nothing short of spectacular. And, naturally, there's an argument to be made that it ended in a controversial decision.

Either way, Wiman leaves the nation's capital with another victory over Danzig, this one a hard fought unanimous decision.

The first round opened like all first rounds with both men standing and looking to land the shot to end it all. After exchanging a few glancing blows, the two quickly clinched up and played the dirty boxing game.

The rest of the frame followed the same formula. Punches, elbows and kicks a plenty with both men landing their share of shots. There was plenty of violence to go around, folks.

Midway through the second stanza, Wiman threatened with an armbar that failed and only seemed to piss Danzig off. He exploded back into Wiman's full guard and dealt a bit of damage before being caught in another submission, this time a kimura.

However, once back on their feet, it looked as though Mac held the advantage. Wiman's chin is made of granite, though, and he held strong all throughout.

The final round was a brutal, bloody war of attrition. Wiman stayed aggressive while Danzig scratched and clawed his way to the final horn, even locking on a tight guillotine as it sounded.

In the end, Wiman reigns surpreme.

But did you agree with the judges decision? The crowd seemed a tad displeased when the scores were announced. Were you?

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