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Forrest Griffin is just as good as Rich Franklin -- at everything




"Since 2001, I haven't gone a year without a win, at least a win, you know in a year. Now I've gone a whole year without a fight. ... Me and Rich are kind of the same; we're jacks of all trades, master of none. One thing he's done better than me -- oftentimes he's put the fight where he's better than his opponent, whereas a lot of times I think, 'I'm pretty good at this, I can do this, I can do that,' so I just do whatever my opponent wants me to thinking, 'I'm good enough at this,' as opposed to taking them out of their strong suit. With Rich, it's not really... it doesn't really matter because we're both pretty good at everything."

The prevailing theme in the co-main event clash at UFC 126: "Silva vs Belfort" between Forrest Griffin and Rich Franklin is that both fighters are well-rounded and match-up extremely well with each other. We've heard it from "Ace" and now Griffin is furthering that narrative as well. The former light heavyweight champion, as similar to Franklin as he may be, will have to deal with something his counterpart will not -- a layoff of over a year. His fight with "Ace" will also represent the sixth consecutive fight Griffin has had against either a current or former champion spanning two separate weight classes. Over that span, the Xtreme Couture product has gone 3-2. Who thinks he will make it 4-2?

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