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James Toney: 'Rampage' is a 'joke' and a 'clown' who just needs to sign the contract


Props: Fight Hype


"I saw the little video. It's comical; that motherf--ker sound like Lady Gaga in that video. He is a joke. If he really want to do it, all he gotta do is call me. He knows my number; he got it. Don't act brand new motherf--ker... He says I'm barking up the wrong tree? Motherf--ker, I will piss on your tree. He just got to get his balls up and we can do this. It took him a month to reply to my first statement because he had to let his balls get bigger and let them fake motherf--kers he hang around gas him up. Rampage is a clown man. Sign a contract and we can do it."

After Randy Couture expelled James Toney at UFC 118, company President Dana White made it clear that was the last we would see of the portly pugilist. That hasn't stopped the controversial boxer from doing his best to keep his name in the MMA headlines. The target of his verbal vomit at the moment? Resident 205-pound instigator Quinton Jackson. After Toney initially went after the former light heavyweight champion, "Rampage" responded with this video. And to the surprise of no one, Toney has answered back, once again fishing for a fight against a popular MMA star. Is there anyone that thinks the UFC will take the bait and let Jackson attempt to put his "Lights Out?" Anyone?

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