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Marcus Davis cut from the UFC after Jan. 1 loss to Jeremy Stephens


And his manager, Joe Cavallaro, tells MMA Fighting that the 38-year-old former boxer and "Ultimate Fighter" will be back:

"I spoke to Marcus and he'd dedicated. He felt good in the fight. He retained his power. It's one thing if he looked like s---, we might be having a different conversation. But this is what he does, and he can't wait to get back in there again."

Despite being rocked early in their UFC 125: "Resolution" fight, hard-hitting lightweight Jeremy Stephens roared back to stop "The Irish Hand Grenade" via knockout in the third round back on Jan. 1 to send Davis to his fourth loss in his last five fights. Can the former welterweight get back on his horse and make some noise on the regional circuit? Or have we seen the last of the grizzled veteran?

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