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Bigfoot Silva: 'Fedor won’t want a second loss, so it’ll be a very difficult battle'


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"We always wish to face the best and what I can imagine is a very tough fight because [Fedor] won’t want a second loss and I want to establish myself among the top 10, so it’ll be a very difficult battle for both of us. Werdum showed a hole in Fedor’s game but I have got to do well standing and on the mat. I’ll look to sharpen my stand-up game that was deficient in my past fight and will continue my grappling and ground and pound workouts. I respect him a lot, he is a living legend of the sport but I will be very focused. I will be looking back on everything [all the difficulties in life] I overcame so far and will do everything not to let the opportunity pass me."

Brazilian powerhouse Antonio Silva enters the promotion's upcoming heavyweight tournament as the first fighter to face off against Fedor Emelianenko since his stunning submission loss to Fabricio Werdum back in June 2010. "The Last Emperor" will undoubtedly come into his Feb. 12 fight against "Bigfoot" with a chip on his shoulder and may be looking to make a statement against the rugged Brazilian. Can Silva use that to his advantage? Or will he fall victim to the Russian's vengeance-fueled onslaught in New Jersey?

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