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Jake Ellenberger: 'I have the style to beat Jon Fitch'


And despite losing the chance to prove it when Fitch was yanked from their Feb. 5 bout to face BJ Penn at UFC 127, Ellenberger tells Duane Finley it's just a matter of time:

"I was excited. It was the kind of fight that I have been waiting for. He has obviously fixed himself at the top of the division and it is a big opportunity for me. I think I can come out on top because I think I have the style to beat Jon Fitch. I'm not worried about the matchup change because it's a fight that I'm going to get in the future anyways. I was fortunate enough to remain on the card so that was my only concern. The UFC kept me on and it wasn't something they had to do, so I'm definitely excited to be on the card for UFC 126. As I said, between Jon Fitch and I this is just postponing the inevitable. I'm still going to fight him I just don't know when that will be."

Fitch out, Rocha in. Now that his former opponent is main-eventing against BJ Penn on Feb. 27 in Sydney, Ellenberger will remain on Saturday's UFC 126 fight card to throw hands with the brawny Brazilian in hopes of winning his third straight fight. Getting in done in Las Vegas puts him one step closer to re-engaging with Fitch, who Ellenberger claims has the style to beat him. Do you believe him?

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