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Marcus Davis: Strikeforce is missing out on exciting fights by not signing me


Props: Tapology


"Nothing is official yet, but we’ve had a few offers. I have actually gotten a lot of U.K. and European offers. I was hoping to hear from Strikeforce, but I know they’ve started that whole thing where they’re not taking UFC fighters coming off of losses. I completely understand. It’s all business and I don’t take any of this stuff personally. As far as Strikeforce is concerned, I can understand why they would want to continue that policy from a business standpoint. With me, the one thing that they miss out on—and it’s my major selling point to anyone—is that my fights tend to be exciting."

38-year-old former boxer and "Ultimate Fighter" Marcus Davis fields offers from regional and International promotions after receiving his UFC pink slip earlier this year. "The Irish Hand Grenade,"  who is 1-4 over his last five fights, was knocked out by Jeremy Stephens in his lightweight debut back at UFC 125: Resolution" on Jan. 1 but isn't ready to hang up the gloves just yet. Can the former welterweight get back on his horse and make some noise on the independent circuit? And is Scott Coker's decision not to sign him good for business? Or bad for the fans? Both? Let's hear your take on where you'd like to see Davis fight next (if at all).

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