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Stoned cold: Cesar Gracie isn't high on Melvin Guillard's 'homo-erotic fantasies'


And the grappling guru makes it pretty queer that he's not a fan of "The Young Assassin" in his recent interview with Ariel Helwani:

"Melvin's one of the better boxers in there, I enjoyed his fight with Nathan (Diaz) but I heard he said something like 'go back to Brazil' and I was like 'Well who's gonna teach guys to keep choking you out if I go back to Brazil?' ... I heard he was talking about some kind of homo-erotic fantasies he had with me, I don't know, go keep painting your hair it's like 'dude, what are you talking about? You want to have sex with a man?' You got problems man. You want me to go back to Brazil? Go back to Columbia and get some more coke or whatever."

And this thing has officially gotten ugly. Cesar Gracie recently said 'Greg Jackson is not one of the world's better coaches,' something Melvin Guillard (a reformed Jackson pupil) took exception to, even calling for Gracie's permanent return to his native Brazil. Now Gracie fires back at Guillard, calling into question his past troubles with drug abuse and choice of hair color. Is the man behind the training of Jake Shields and Nick and Nate Diaz crossing the line? Or did Melvin pick a fight with the wrong camp? Anyone for a Team Jackson vs. Team Gracie pay-per-view showdown?

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