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Herschel Walker's goal is not to fight again -- just to help grow the sport of MMA


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"There's no doubt, if I come back I'm going to fight someone a little bit tougher. But my biggest goal right now is just to get in the gym and work. I just want to train and bring some recognition to this sport. Maybe make a little bit more money for these guys. This is a great, great sport. This sport deserves to be, I think, on wall street. It deserves that for people to recognize these athletes for what they're doing in the cage and in the Octagon and they're not getting it. So I'd love to try to bring a little bit more, speak out a little bit more on it and maybe I can help it out a little bit more, even though I'm getting old, maybe I can help it to grow some. If I'm going to fight again, I won't (wait) so long because I am getting old, but at the same time, fighting again is not my goal."

Herschel Walker, the unofficial ambassador for MMA, continues to run with the narrative that he only wants to help the sport grow. And for any fighter who isn't behind his participation or doesn't like his taking up a slot on the main card of major events, well, the fact is, he's just trying to help you get paid. How can that be a bad thing? After his dominant first round knockout victory over Scott Carson at the "Diaz vs. Cyborg" event in San Jose, the natural question turns to what his plans are for the future. The answer is rather simple -- it's not his goal at the moment but if he decides to jump back in, he won't wait long. For those criticizing Walker, what say you now? Are you against one more fight for the mainstream darling? 

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