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Strikeforce 'Diaz vs Cyborg' results: Nick Diaz submits Cyborg Santos


This wasn't so much as a mixed martial arts fight as it was a glorified rock'em sock'em robots match. 

Which makes the ending all the more ironic, as Nick Diaz retained his welterweight title with a second round armbar victory over incumbent challenger Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos. 

The slugfest that so many expected was exactly what we were given. Santos came out eager to throw hands and rip the title from his mouthy counterpart. 

Diaz was out to show that he can still say whatever he wants and back it up with his performance in the cage. 

And although "Cyborg" landed a few big shots, not to mention went to work on the champ's legs, the iron chin and big mouth prevailed once again. 

Straight out of the gate, Santos was looking to land plenty of low leg kicks to take Diaz out of his game. Unfortunately for the challenger, there is no daunting a man with no fear. 

The 209 boy pressed forward no matter how hard or how many times he got hit. By the end of the first, he even had "Cyborg" pushed up against the fence, trying to survive the pittar-patter game that Diaz is so famous for. 

The second and final frame played out the same way the first did with one big exception. Both fighters got off with their punches and electrified the crowd with no hesitation to stand in the pocket and exchange. Neither seemed to necessarily be getting the better of the other. 

It was when Santos decided to take the fight to the floor that he made his fatal error. 

As soon as they hit the mat, play-by-play commentator Mauro Ranallo made note that "Cyborg" is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt. Fat lot of good it did him here, as it took Diaz all of ten seconds to throw his legs over and secure the fight ending armbar. 

As soon as it was over, the Showtime cameras showed Cristiane Santos on the outside, crying for her fallen husband. 

Cut to Diaz and he's in the cage saying, "F*ck you, b*tch" to someone off screen. 

That's your main event of the evening, ladies and gentlemen. Always fun when Nick Diaz is involved. 

Who will be mixing it up with him next time?

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