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UFC Quick Quote: Through tragedy and loss, Vitor Belfort found the strength to persevere


"We have words for if you’ve lost your husband, you’re a widow; if you’ve lost your parent, you’re an orphan; but if you lost your child, they don’t have a name for that. That’s so painful that they don’t have a name for that. I think there is two ways to get to God, through love or through pain. Mine was through pain. I can see now that through that tribulation, I’m a new man. I’m a strong man. I’ve matured. I’m not perfect. I still struggle with many things, but it’s a process. I’m in the middle of the process and every day I try and prove myself so I can fight through that process, which never ends."

UFC middleweight number one contender, Vitor Belfort, who faces division champion Anderson Silva in the main event of UFC 126 on Feb. 5 in Las Vegas, reflects on his path to God in a recent conversation with The Christian Post. Belfort's sister Priscila was abducted and murdered in 2004, shattering the career and personal life of the "Phenom." Now just over six years later, the Brazilian has found the strength to continue on in her memory and could reach the summit of his professional life against "The Spider" next Saturday night. Will Belfort achieve his goal of becoming the new 185-pound champion?

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