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UFC Quick Quote: Joe Schmoe is faster than Kid Yamamoto


"He’s one of the biggest stars in Japan. He’s like the Manny Pacquiao of Japan. He’s a good striker, very athletic. Everybody sees him as a legend of the sport – which he is – and I want to test myself against him. I’ll probably be the quickest person he’s ever come up against because he usually fights up a weight class at 145 or 155. I think he’ll find that I can match him in speed or maybe even be faster than he is. We’re both explosive so it’ll be fireworks when we’re in there together. I’ll just go out there and do my best," he said. "I love to fight. When I fight I don’t go in there for a paycheck, I go in there to have fun and just do my thing. I’m still just Joe Schmoe out on the streets just like everybody else and I like it like that."

Former WEC standout Demetrious Johnson, coming off an impressive submission win over Damacio Page at "Faber vs. Mizugaki" back in November, talks to about welcoming Japanese superstar Norifumi Yamamoto to the Octagon at UFC 126: "Silva vs. Belfort" on Feb. 5 in Las Vegas. Is "Mighty Mouse" going to save his own day? Or will "Joe Schmoe" find out he's not the fastest "Kid" on the block after all? Your pick for this bantamweight brawl is...

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