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Cyborg Santos: 'Once I take the belt, I want to fight Gegard Mousasi and Melvin Manhoef'


Props: MMA Weekly


"I train every day hoping for a fight, my opponent never matters. When I found out I was fighting Nick, I just adopted the strategy for this style of fight. I didn’t care that my opponent is Nick Diaz. Nobody has really seen my ground game. I’m solid in Greco-Roman and I have a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I’m not worried about keeping it standing. I want to showcase my BJJ. If I’m underestimated on the ground, I’m okay with that. (I’m) very confident if it goes to the ground; I will be okay. Once I take the belt, I want to fight Gegard Mousasi and Melvin Manhoef in any weight class."

After back-to-back technical knockout wins, hard-hitting welterweight Evangelista Santos (decked out in Hostility Clothing) sets some lofty goals for the remainder of his 2011 fight campaign, including bouts at "any weight class" against fellow fight mongers Gegard Mousasi and Melvin Manhoef. Can "Cyborg" turn the division on its head by annihilating the title reign of Nick Diaz this Saturday night (Jan. 29) in San Jose?

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