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TUF guy: After Brock Lesnar beats Junior dos Santos he plans on taking his title back from Cain Velasquez


Props: Yahoo! Sports


"I have one thing in my mind for this whole thing, which is to help these kids and to improve their lives. More importantly, it's an opportunity for me to get down here and train and it's an opportunity for me to get my title back sooner rather than later. When I beat dos Santos, then I get a rematch with Velasquez and I get my f*ckin belt back. That's the way I'm looking at this."

With filming now underway for season 13 of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), Brock Lesnar is back in the limelight (as if he ever left it), and participating in media day for the popular Spike reality television show. The Brockness monster cleared up a few things, including the fact that he never had any plans to do WrestleMania (those rumors were the Internet's fault) and how UFC President Dana White convinced him to do the show. I'll give you two guesses but you're only going to need one. That's right -- money. Or "Benjamins," as the former heavyweight champion referred to it. Apparently White also rented a house in Las Vegas so Lesnar could bring his family out to stay with him during filming. Basically, the bossman pulled out all the stops to get his biggest draw on TV every week this spring and he got his wish. No different than dos Santos, Brock sees this as the best (and quickest) path he could possibly take to getting back "his" 265-pound belt. Oh and he also wants to improve the lives of the kids he will be training on the show. So that's it, Maniacs, the beast has finally spoken. It would seem he's saying the right things but does the reclusive heavyweight really mean it? Countdown to skepticism in 3, 2, 1 ... 

Watch the man himself talk about all things Brock Lesnar after the jump.

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