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Herschel Walker has a little message for the pundits who think his act is a gimmick ...


... come on down to AKA and you'll see how much of a gimmick it is.

"Guys that are putting me down need to come to AKA and be here with some of the fighters and be here for my training. And then they'll see that this is not a gimmick to me. Everyone has a right to their opinion, that's what makes America beautiful but at the same time they've gotta come and see what I do. And I always tell people all the time, I invite everyone to come and do what I do. ... All the guys here at AKA, they roll with everyone, so I'm not afraid to do that."

At a conference call today, former Heisman Trophy winner and NFL star Herschel Walker sent a message to anyone that still believes he's nothing more than a gimmick used to pump ratings for Strikeforce -- you need to head down to his gym to watch him train before you pass judgment. The 48-year old budding mixed martial artist is ripped and ready to take on Scott Carson at the "Diaz vs Cyborg" event this Saturday night (Jan. 29) on Showtime. Nearly a year ago to the day, Walker made his successful debut in MMA with a technical knockout win over Greg Nagy in Miami. He'll try to make it two for two in San Jose. What say you, Maniacs? Anyone want to take him up on his offer and head down to AKA for some recreational rolling?

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