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UFC 129: What will happen to Jose Aldo when he faces a striker like Mark Hominick?


That's something "The Machine" wants to know as well:

"I think Jose Aldo is the best pound-for-pound fighter, fantastic striker, but he's never faced anyone with my striking capability. So we'll see how he does against that. He's been making wrestlers look like poor strikers and a lot of times that's not too hard. But he's not going to do that to me and I'm going in with that kind of confidence. I know he's the best in the world but he's never faced anyone like me."

Mark Hominick talks to the media at the UFC Fight Night 23 post-fight press conference about facing current 145-pound champion Jose Aldo, who waits for the Canadian striker at the April 30 pay-per-view in Toronto. After unplugging George Roop in their "Fight for the Troops," Hominick wants to test his stand-up against what many pundits believe is one of the sport's top pound-for-pound fighters. Is he going to expose the Brazilian at UFC 129? Or is Hommy on a fool's errand?

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