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Pat Barry: 'I want to see a picture of Joey Beltran's leg on Monday'


Props: (via Bloody Elbow).


"(Joey Beltran) is a zombie man, a real life zombie. In my fight I can already tell what I need to go back and work on. From the first round I know exactly what it is I need to work on; things I need to get better at. I’ve still got a bad kickboxing habit that I have that is getting better. It’s getting a lot better than it was in the beginning, my first six MMA fights. I’m growing from it, but I already know what it is. You know what, honestly, I’m curious to see – not Sunday, but Monday – I’d love to see a picture of (Joey Beltran)'s leg."

While Pat Barry walked away with a unanimous decision win at UFC Fight Night 23: "Fight for the Troops 2," opponent Joey Beltran didn't walk away with anything (because he couldn't walk) thanks to the devastating leg kicks of the stocky-and-cocky ex-kickboxer. "HD" has some "bad habits" he needs to work on, but should that learning process stop him from taking on Matt Mitrione, another hard-hitting heavyweight who claimed victory on Jan. 22? What are your thoughts on that fantasy match-up?

Hear more from Barry after the jump.

Is he ready for "Meathead," who also has no love for the ground game?

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